Air Pollution Control System (APCS)

In response to increasingly stringent requirements for manufacturers and test facilities to reduce flue gas emissions from their combustion processes, FTT Scientific now offers the Venturi Air Pollution Control Systems (APCS). These highly effective pollution control systems  ensure that harmful emissions entering the atmosphere, as the result of combustion, are kept to a minimum.

Corrosive flue gases contain H2O, CO2, CO, HCl, NOx, SOx, HCN and particulate matter generated during the combustion
process. The FTT Scientific APCS is designed to treat and remove the corrosive gases and particulate matter with any bespoke capacity.

The FTT Scientific APCS utilise Venturi Scrubber technology, the state of the art for highly effective removal of waste gases. Each APCS is constructed using high grade Stainless Steel to withstand the effects of high temperature and corrosive effects of gases such as SOx and NOx. entering the system.

Main  system features:

  • High performance Venturi scrubber
  • Separator to reduce gas velocity
  • Mist Eliminator to cut out corrosive moisture
  • pH Adjustment Unit maintains optimum pH level
  • Induced Draft Fan maintains system pressure
  • High pressure centrifugal pumps
  • Alkaline water holding tank
  • Inter connecting duct/pipe lines
  • Chimney
  • Control panel












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